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Raffles® quality and customer satisfaction policy
  To our customers: The people of Raffles® listen to you to deliver the highest quality products, services, and solution that ensure value and contribute to yours success. We at Raffles® are constantly listening to you, our customers, to further understand your needs.

We carry out exhaustive research to find out what we're doing well and where to improve. We have targeted four areas that customers have identified as most important.
Quality and reliability
  Raffles® focuses on continuous improvement in quality, reliability, delivery, service, and support and in the entire customer experience with our products.
Service and Support
  Raffles® has talented service professionals working with customers to provide innovative products, services, and integrated business solution .Raffles® commitment to its customers is stronger than ever.
Complete and Timely Delivery
  Raffles® has quality and customers satisfaction initiatives underlying on-time delivery of orders. Continuously improving our delivery process is priority for RAFFLES.
Relationship with its customers
  Raffles® relationship with its customers is the most important aspect of its business. By establishing partnership with customers, Raffles® is able to provide solutions to meet a diversity of needs.

Raffles® has one of most comprehensive quality and customer satisfaction programs Raffles® commitment starts with its Managing Director and CEO , Aamir Qureshi, a direct staff ,who believe your success is the only to our success, Reinforcing this commitment the fact that every Raffles® employee's variable compensation ,including executive ,depends on customers satisfaction.

Raffles® comprehensive quality and customer satisfaction process provides a solution foundation for building quality and customer into every aspect of our business.

Featured Drivers
» Intel based (MotherBoard)
» R-810EM+
» R-831
» R-832
» R-833+
» R-833L+

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