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 Harman Kardon Go + Play II
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Harman Kardon Go + Play II
Portable iPod®/iPhone® powered speaker system.
The Harman Kardon Go + Play II is a portable hi-fi speaker dock designed for the Apple iPod or iPhone.
The rounded exterior of the Go + Play II isn't just for show — it positions the speakers slightly outward to create an expansive soundfield
The system features two tweeters for highs, and two woofers for mids and lows
Each speaker has its own amplifier to ensure it works with maximum efficiency and accuracy
Advanced circuitry senses whether the system is drawing power from its AC adapter or eight "D" cell batteries, and adjusts the EQ accordingly
The Go + Play II lets you enjoy photos and videos from your docked iPhone or iPod touch as well, via an S-video output you can connect to your compatible TV. And if you need to sync your player, no problem
The included remote gives you access to two handy system modes. Put it in Music mode, and you can adjust volume, skip songs, and even fast-forward or reverse through tracks. In Navigation mode, you get all the functionality of your iPhone or iPod so you can browse your device's library for a particular song, artist or album. You can also select playlists, slide shows and videos, too.
For docking iPods and iPhones
2 tweeters, driven by 15 watts each
2 woofers, driven by 30 watts each
USB port for pass-through syncing
Automatically charges docked player
Stereo minijack input for other portable devices
S-video output for connection to a TV
Remote control
Portable power with 8 "D" cell batteries (available separately)
AC power adapter
Stainless steel handle and accents.

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